Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessor, The Advocate



40 years ago

November 5, 1975

A woman doctor has accused Melton council of “complete disregard” for medical practitioners in the area. The doctor claims she was “booked” for illegal parking while collecting urgent medicine from a chemist in High Street.




30 years ago

November 6, 1985

Doris Galea was not angry. Her voice shook a little as she spoke, but that was more from tiredness and frustration than anger. She stood on the threadbare carpet of her St Albans housing commission home and explained how she had $40 to last the next two weeks. The mother of four said she had learned to cope, but admitted at times her world almost falls apart.


20 years ago

November 8, 1995

Sunshine police fear youths could kill themselves in the derelict John Darling and Son flour mill in Albion. They say a near-electrocution recently highlighted a long-running battle to keep intruders out of the mill.


10 years ago

November 8, 2005

Mayor Natalie Suleyman has condemned the community group opposing Brimbank council’s $6.7 million swim and leisure centre development in Sunshine. “My council wants to get the pool redeveloped without further delay and without further cost,” she said. Her comments come after The Advocate reported last week that the Sunshine Pool Community Action Group had asked VCAT to review the planning permit.