Manor Lakes author Tabitha Page will soon launch a picture book about two girls who struggle to fit in because they are “different”.

Forever Friends is the first book in Ms Page’s Fabulous Friends series, which touches on subjects such as acceptance, bullying, inclusion, fitting in, disability and anxiety.

Ms Page said that in the book, one of the characters has a new pair of glasses, while the other character uses a wheelchair.

The characters both face teasing at school, but also fast become friends.

Ms Page said she drew on her own childhood when writing the book.

“‘I didn’t fit the accepted criteria in school,” she said.

“I was the fat kid, the nerdy, introverted kid who always had her head in a book and refused to pick on others when the majority were.”

Nowadays, Ms Page has a certificate in Child Psychology, a certificate and diploma in Children’s Services and has spent years working in childcare.

She said that caring for children with various illness and disabilities, plus living with her own autoimmune disease, had inspired her to write books sharing their experiences.

“Nowadays, with my chronic illness, I am still not part of the majority, but I have learned to embrace my differences and am using my experiences to empower others and bring about acceptance of these very important issues,” Ms Page said.

Forever Friends, illustrated by Alexander Kulieshov, is scheduled to be released on Saturday, June 1 at Cody’s Cafe, Manor Lakes between 1pm and 3pm. All are welcome to attend.

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