A dance school in Braybrook has raised $605 for the West Welcome Wagon, a not-for-profit, volunteer group supporting asylum seekers.

The group provides good-quality donated items to asylum seekers and organises special events to bring them together with the broader community.

Organising through Facebook, the group collects donated furniture, food, clothing and other items and delivers them to asylum seeker families living in Melbourne’s west.

The school Dance Habit asked its families for Christmas hamper foodstuffs, which were then raffled at an end-of-year concert. After six weeks, the dance school had raised more than $600 to pass on.

Dance Habit director Megan Jessop said her vision to run a professional business with a community-minded approach had come about thanks to the generosity of local families.

“Dance Habit is committed to the inner west community and we will continue to support our own families as well as organisations like the West Welcome Wagon,” Ms Jessop said.

West Welcome Wagon founder Mia McGregor said the support of Dance Habit made all the difference to her vision of charity.

“The support we receive from groups such as Dance Habit shows us how strong our sense of community is here in the west,” she said.

Look up West Welcome Wagon on Facebook, or email westwelcomewagon@gmail.com.