North Western Titans’ foray into winter baseball has started off on the right foot.

The Titans, which has men’s and women’s teams in the Baseball Victoria Summer League, has this year entered a mixed team into the Geelong Baseball Association’s winter competition.

Titans coach Danny Haymes said they were thrilled with their start to the season as the Titans have already been promoted.

“We started in C-grade but we were beating everyone and they put us up into B-reserve,” Haymes said.

“We’ve only lost one game and we’ve managed to pick up a lot of new players.

“We thought having a winter side would help build the club up.”

The Titans currently sit fourth in B-reserve with a 2-1 record.

Haymes said they had 17 players in their squad and had considered putting in a second team, but decided to stick with one team.

With the start that they’ve had, Haymes said they were definitely aiming to make finals.

“The game we lost, we only lost by one run,” he said.

“We’re sharing the load and making sure that everyone learns.

“When we have our full team on the park, we think we can match the other sides, if not better than them.”

The Titans this week face Bellarine at MacPherson Park.


Tara Murray