A weekend which held so much promise, ended in heartbreak and disappointment for Sunbury in Bowls Victoria Pennant, division 1, section 1.

Having finished second and earning a home final, Sunbury was hoping to at least make Sunday’s grand final, if not win it.

Instead, the side produced its worst performance of the season and was knocked out in Saturday’s semi-final against Glenroy.

Sunbury didn’t look like a top two team as Glenroy absolutely destroyed it for the second time this season.

The result was never close after Glenroy got the jump in the first three ends. Glenroy won all four rinks on the way to a massive 104-49 win.

Sunbury’s David Glennon said the side was down early and everything they did to get back into the match just didn’t work, instead the margin was increased even further.

All four rinks, led by skips Mark Cowan, Todd Trewarne, Carla Krizanic and Lee Wesley, lost by double figures.

Trewarne’s rink was level for a period of time, before falling behind when it tried to pick up some shots.

“What was a really good season, petered out really badly,” Glennon said.

“We were outplayed by Glenroy and well played by them.

“At the least, we had ambitions to play finals but we had been a top two side all season.”

Peter White. Picture Shawn Smits.

Photo Gallery: Sunbury vs Glenroy

Making the day worse for Sunbury, it’s second side lost a home semi-final against Strathmore in division 3.

A win would have earned the side promotion into division 2 for next season.

Sunbury’s second side lost to Strathmore by five shots.

Glennon said the overall season for the club ended as one of disappointment.

“In the end, two sides missed out on promotion after being top two sides all season and having home finals, and one side was relegated.

“It would have been nice to at least have one side earn promotion.”

Next season Sunbury will have a division 1, two division 3, a division 5 and two division 7 sides.

In some good news for the club, Mark Cowan was crowned the Northern Gateway region men’s champion of champions.

Cowan will now play other region winners in the next stage of the competition.

Todd Trewarne and Sharon Whana won the mixed pairs title at the same event, while Carla Krizanic and Lisa Trewarne lost the women’s pairs final on an extra end. Krizanic will compete in the women’s singles finals.


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