Sunbury Kangaroos members have voted emphatically to move to the Essendon District Football League next season.

At a meeting on Monday night, Kangaroos members voted 96-3 in favour of the move away from the Riddell District Football Netball League, well above the 75 per cent needed to make the move.

Kangaroos president Allan Walters said he was surprised with how large the vote for the move was.

“The decision is about allowing the club to make the decision where we play our football and netball in the future,” he said.

“We understand we are the caretakers of the club and have the best interests of the club in mind which has lead us to that situation.”

Walters said there were several factors behind the move. He said speaking with RDFNL clubs during the season they understood why the club was looking at making the move.

A lack of netball teams is one reason behind the move.

In the RDFNL clubs are expected to field four netball teams, while the EDFL has no requirement to have netball teams.

This year the Kangaroos had two netball teams, which won one match between them.

Attempts to get a coach for next season have been unsuccessful with no one applying for the role.

Walters said they would look to field at least one netball side next season in the new EDFL competition.

“Hopefully it’ll be the chance for us to re-establish a strong  netball program with netballers playing in a competition where they can be more competitive.”

At the meeting, the committee also said making the move would impact on potential recruits for next season.

Several players have said they will come to the club, but only if they move to the EDFL.

The Kangaroos are set to start next season in the division 2 competition and plan to work their way up the grades.

In the club’s five year plan, they said they hoped to be playing division 1 finals within five years.

“We don’t want any favours and want to earn our strips.”

Walters said they were looking forward to the challenges that laid ahead of them in the EDFL if the move is successful.

The club’s women’s side already plays in the competition.

The Sunbury Kangaroos Junior club though has previously stated they will stay in the RDFNL.

AFL Goldfields regional general manager Rod Ward said he was disappointed with the decision. To read what Ward has to say, CLICK HERE