An improved performance by Rockbank still wasn’t enough to get a win in the Riddell District Football League on Saturday.

After a solid performance the previous week, the Rams put out their best performance against Lancefield on Saturday.

The Rams stuck to the task for much of the game, but could not close an early lead.

The Tigers won 19.15 (93)-6.12 (48).

Rams coach Lachie Waterman said there was good signs for the side.

“It was much improved and we’re chipping away,” he said.

“We’re obviously under resourced, but again there were some positive signs.”

The Tigers did much of the damage in the first half, leading by 35 points at the main break.

After that, the Rams took to the task at hand and worked hard to get themselves back into the game, but they were unable to kick consecutive goals needed to get the momentum going their way.

Waterman was impressed with how they finished. The teams kicked one goal apiece in the third quarter and the Tigers only outscored them by two points in the final quarter.

“We took the game on in the last quarter and we kept running and persevering at playing the way I want them to,” he said.

“We will take out a lot of positives. We are a little undermanned in terms of key forwards.

“We would love a key forward.”

Adam De Pasquale kicked two goals for the Rams.

Waterman said Shane Bonney was the standout for their side.

“Shane played on the wing and was fantastic for four quarters,” he said.

“I think that is his spot. He has a good pair of hands and plays tall.”

The Baumgartner brothers, Mitchell and Jordan, were also good players for the Rams.


Lancefield’s Matthew Bowden tackles Jamie Austin. Picture Shawn Smits

PHOTO GALLERY: Lancefield vs Rockbank 

Already short on numbers, the Rams were dealt a blow with skipper Tom Mainey not playing the second half due to a hamstring injury.

“We can’t afford to risk him,” Waterman said.

“We erred on the side of caution.”

Waterman said despite the tough nature of this season they were keeping positive.

“We knew it would be a tough year and we have to dust ourselves off and go again,” he said.

“The morale has been good all year, we just have to learn how to win, which takes time.

“The morale, the spirit and the effort are still there.”

Waterman said he hoped a few players would return in the next couple of weeks.

In other results, Diggers Rest and Melton Centrals both remain undefeated.

The Burras had an easy win against Broadford, which could have been a lot more impressive if not for poor kicking.

The Burras won 13.20 (98)-4.3 (27).

Melton Centrals welcomed a key win against Woodend-Hesket.

Coming off the bye, the Centrals won 9.8 (62)-6.8 (44). Dylan Weir kicked four goals in the win.

The Burras and Centrals face each other this week.


Lancefield gets the win