Melton Thoroughbreds’ Bol Bok is one to watch in the future.

Bok was named co-winner of the Big V youth league 2 men’s most valuable player award with Collingwood All Stars’ Athiaan Manyiel.

Both were also named in the youth league men’s 2 All-Star 5 team.

Bok led that division’s scoring, averaging 22 points a game. He also averaged 7.3 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game.

His Thoroughbreds teammates Fernando Rios-Rodriquez and Broden Collins were nominated for the All-Star 5 team, but missed out.

Bok was also named Melton’s youth league most valuable player at the club’s awards night.

In other Big V awards, Dexter Graham and Emmanuel Malou were named in the division 2 men’s All-Star team, while Mangar Manyang was named the defensive player of that division.

In the women’s competition, Jenna Conroy was named in the division 2 team of the year. It capped off a good year for Conroy, who won Melton’s Brian Rogers Memorial Big V Women’s MVP Award.

Molly Young missed out on being selected in the All-Star 5 after being a finalist.

Rebecca Marshall was co-winner of the division 2 women’s Golden Hands award alongside Blackburn Vikings’ Andrea Belmonte and Mornington Breakers’ Melissa Hewitt.

Meanwhile, the Thoroughbreds are looking to have a youth league women’s team from 2020.