Young basketball star Paul Tsapatolis is proud to call Maribyrnong College home.

The year 11 student is on the verge of representing Australia at under-17 level and has credited the college’s sports academy for helping guide his development as an athlete.

It all complements the work Tsapatolis is doing with his local club Keilor Thunder and his state and national team coaches.

“We started doing gym sessions in year 7 and people my age are only starting now or last year,” Tsapatolis said.

Tsapatolis, a Vic Metro under-18 national championship winning centre, is certainly not the only athlete to have benefitted from Maribyrnong College’s sports focus.

The college has had many athletes go on to represent their state and nation in a range of sports.

To show how proud they are of their student athletes, Maribyrnong College unveiled a Wall of Fame, featuring the photos of current and former students who have either been selected to represent Australia or got to a professional level in their chose sports. Tsapatolis was delighted when he heard of the idea to recognise the elite sportspeople to have come through Maribyrnong College.

“Just to get that recognition, it says the school is proud to have you there with a photo of you on our wall,” he said.

Tsapatolis’ dream is to become a professional basketballer.

After he completes his studies at Maribyrnong College, the Point Cook resident will decide whether to take to college route to the US or head to Europe to play in EuroLeague.

Maribyrnong College inducted 72 athletes to its Wall of Fame.

The athletes were: Ada Lacey, Aliesha Newman, Birkan Kirdar, Bonnie Yu, Briana Babic, Buku Khamis, Cameron Rayner, Cameron Searle, Charlie Jap, Cody Rodwell, Connor Lilly, Cooper Burns, Elias Dagher, Eliza Karly Hynes, Ellie Mckenzie, Emerson Jeka, Emily Rayment, Ewan Fowler, Enya Talbot, Gabriella Ioannou, Garang Anyang, Georgia Patrikios, Heaven Lee Valenti, Idrus Abdulahi, Jacob Schueler, Jamieson Battistella, Jeremy Walker, Jessica Fitzgerald, Jessie Andrew,Joel Smith, Joey Cartwright, Jonah Koch, Katelyn Dullard, Kayne Turner, Ken Cavrak, Keenan Spence, Lauren Taylor, Leon Sejranovic ,Libby Birch, Louise Mendes, Lucas Plapp, Marlie Hurinui, Marija Lukic, Mason Naumovski, Melindaj Barbieri, Michela Sicari, Milla Mcconville, Monique Andriuolo, Monique Conti, Najvada George, Nia Stamatopoulos, Nicholas Masini, Paul Tsapatolis, Peter Wright, Reba Stewart, Rory Atkins, Sam Ramsay, Sebastian Pasquali, Sky Jensen, Solar Willison-Allen, Stacey Barr, Stephanie Bunque, Tanisha Schulz, Tayla Verdino, Taylor Mesiti, Teagan Newman, Tori Singleton, Touk Miller, Tully Watt, Xavier Nikolovski, Zac Triplett and Zak Butters.