Two Hume City Broncos recruits are ready to get down to business in the Big V women’s state championship competition.

The Broncos have been active on the recruiting front as they look to be a contender under new coach Dee Butler.

For Teyla Evans, the decision to return to Melbourne was an easy on.

While originally from Cairns, Evans spent a few years playing in Melbourne and Victoria, before heading back up north for the past four years.

“I love it down here,” she said. “I’ve wanted to come back since I left a few years ago.

“I went back home after playing in Albury, I was there for a couple of years and played in Rockhampton and got a contract up there.

“Hume was just one of the teams that popped up for this year and I took it straight away.”

It was a phone call from Butler that prompted the idea of moving back to Melbourne and playing for the Broncos.

She said Butler was behind her achieving her goals including trying to get into the Women’s National Basketball League.

Evans had a taste of that environment when she was a development player with the Dandenong Rangers.

“I was with Dandenong in between playing with Sandringham and Albury, which was amazing as it was while Penny Taylor and Cappie Pondexter were there.

“You learn a lot and even just from some individuals with them at training and listening to them talk. You tried to be a sponge the whole season.”

Having been back in Melbourne for about six weeks, Evans said she had adjusted to the program and what they were expecting this year. “It feels like I have never left,” she said.

“All the girls that play are lovely and so easy to get along with and make it easy to come into a new club.”

American BreAnna Brock has been in Australia a couple of weeks. The forward-centre, who stands 187cm, will bring some height to the Broncos.

“I feel like I’m at home,” she said. “It’s probably one of the easiest adjustments I’ve made going overseas. There is really no language barrier which is a big thing. Everyone is really friendly which helps too.”

Having played at the University of Missouri for four years, Brock is in her seventh season overseas, playing in several countries in Europe. She most recently averaged nearly 19 points and 15.4 rebounds a game for Istanbulgucu in Turkey. She said Australia was one country that she had always wanted to visit, making the decision to come here and play an easy one.

Now it’s about getting on the court and learning the system. “We’ve played two scrimmages and I have to adjust to the refereeing and how they play here, it’s literally different in every country I’ve been to.

“I expect some great things to happen. Honestly as whole, I think we can do really good things together.”

The Broncos’ second female import Azia Bishop is expected to arrive this week in time for the Broncos opening round match with the Sunbury Jets on Saturday night.