Calder Cannons’ Lachlan Gollant did a double take when his name was called out by Adelaide at pick 48 in the AFL national draft two weeks ago.

While Gollant had a feeling that he might get selected, he thought his chance would come at the rookie draft the following day.

Adelaide officials had attended his home a couple of times during the year, so Gollant knew they were interested.

“It was a bit of a shock when my name was called out,” he said.

“When it was called out, me and my parents looked at each other like, ‘is that my name?’

“Once it settled in, it’s been really good.”

Gollant was one of four Cannons players taken in the space of 19 picks in the draft.

Harry Jones was taken by Essendon at pick 30, Francis Evans at pick 40, Sam Ramsay was taken at 47, and Gollant the very next pick.

Gollant, who played just six games for the Cannons due to school football commitments, said it was pretty crazy for all of them to end up on AFL lists.

“Francis is a great story and Sam has worked hard as well, I’m proud of them. And then my good friend from PEGS, Harry Jones is going to Essendon and he’s a die-hard Essendon supporter.

“There’s been a few messages exchanged and we’re pretty happy for each other.”

Gollant, who has already left for Adelaide, said he wasn’t concerned about the move interstate – he was already wanting to seek a bit of independence having finished school.

He said he knows a few people in Adelaide, including one of his best mates, fellow Adelaide player Lachlan Sholl who also came through St Bernard’s Football Club.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Gollant said.

“We started playing with each other in under-9s, it’s a long way from there and hopefully we’ll play with each other again.

“It was a big thing for the recruiters, they were excited that we knew each other. He’s someone I can talk things through with.”

Gollant, who is a massive Malcolm Blight fan, is the latest member of his family to be connected to a VFL/AFL side.

His great uncle Vic Lawrence played 150 games for North Melbourne and captained them for one season.

Quite a few other great uncles played for the Kangaroos, while Gollant’s father and uncle both trained with the senior side and played for the Kangaroos under-19s.

With all those connections it was only natural he was a Kangaroos supporter.

“I’m an Adelaide supporter now,” he said.

Gollant was due to start full training with the group on Thursday.

He said he can’t wait to get to work.

“It’s going to be tough work,” he said. “I’m going to work hard and develop and try and make myself a better player.

“I’ll hopefully make opportunities and make the most of them.”