Glen Orden has accepted that it was beaten by the better side in a 109-point loss to Caroline Springs in the WRFL division 2 first semi-final at Dempster Park on Sunday.

What the Hawks will not accept is one of their players being felled in a behind-the-play incident.

The Hawks have written to the WRFL asking for it to investigate a hit on young player Sam Crea.

Footage emerged on social media showing Crea getting up off the bottom of a pack while a push and shove was going on, taking three steps backwards and then being struck from behind.

Hawks coach Stuart Daly was seething about the incident after the game.

“We’ve definitely made contact with the league and want it investigated further,” Daly said.

“We’re just not happy with it at all. Whether you’re throwing a punch at someone’s head or midriff or whatever, the definition of a coward’s punch is hitting someone from behind when they don’t know it’s coming.”

Glen Orden was eliminated from the finals race after the heavy defeat.

In a seven-team division, the Hawks were clearly better than the three teams below them, but were unable to sustain any pressure on the teams above, so fourth was exactly where they deserved to be.

“We were just rapt to play finals,” Daly said. “That was our goal at the start of the year.

“We knew, with what the other teams had recruited, we were in a battle to be that fourth team in the finals and we earned that right.

“We were the only team outside the top three to beat one of the top three, but it was still a disappointing end.

“We’ve probably just got to add a bit more depth to the club.”

Daly has stepped down as coach of Glen Orden, citing increased work and family commitments.

“It was my decision to stand down,” he said. “The club needs someone to go in with a few fresh ideas. It’s been a great ride and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

In division 3, Tarneit won its first ever final, downing Sanctuary Lakes by 22 points at Wootten Road Reserve.

Todd Lawrie booted four goals for the Titans, while Tom Weybury, Chris Benson and Josh Watterson were the other keys to victory.

The Titans will meet Parkside in the preliminary final for the right to face Newport Power in the big one.