North Sunshine Eagles Soccer Club president Besnik Kutleshi has been handed a two-year ban by Football Federation of Victoria.

The Eagles have also been docked 12 championship points towards the state league 1 ladder and fined $4000.

The sanctions come as a result of the club’s involvement in a melee with Sunshine George Cross in January.

For its role, Sunshine George Cross, which competes in the National Premier League’s division 2 west competition, was fined $1000 and docked four championship points.

The two clubs were playing in a pre-season friendly match in January when things turned sour at the end of the first half.


Play was halted after an incident involving North Sunshine player Miles Shannon and Sunshine George Cross player Ahmet Turer.

Players and associates of both teams then ran onto the field and a melee ensued, causing the match to be abandoned.

Kutleshi was reported for two incidents, the first of which the FFV declared it did not have sufficient evidence to verify. For the second incident, Kutleshi argued that he was trying to defuse another situation.

However, this was rejected by the FFV.

After reviewing video footage of Kutleshi in the area of the melee, the FFV found him guilty of misconduct.

“Kutleshi is seen running towards a person or incident behind the camera with aggression. One of his associates or teammates is trying to hold him back,” the governing body found.

“After the incident occurred off-camera, Kutleshi and his teammates return. Their demeanor is not diffusive at all.”

North Sunshine was found guilty of taking part in a violent melee, having associates enter the field of play, and failing to control associates.

As reasoning for the sanctions, the FFV highlighted the club’s prior convictions, its lack of apology or expression of remorse, and its denial that the incidents occurred.

George Cross player Turer received a six-match ban, while North Sunshine’s Shannon was found not guilty.

Following a round-one win, North Sunshine is on negative-nine points for the season.

“The effect of the deduction of 12 points means that for this team the season is effectively over,” the FFV said.

Its deductions left Sunshine George Cross with one point.

The Eagles fortunes didn’t improve on the pitch, with the side going down 1-0 in its away game against Yarraville Glory on Saturday.