Sunbury Lions’ campaign to add key position players has started well, with the club signing Leigh and Ben Brennan.

The brothers, who originally played with Rupertswood, come to the Lions having spent time with St Albans in the Western Region Football League in the past few years.

New Lions’ coach Travis Hodgson said they would help fill key position spots.

“They obviously know people at Sunbury and they are highly regarded,” he said.

“Once we sounded them out, they were looking for a change and it was a good fit.

“We expect to use Leigh up forward and Ben down back.

“Ben has shown he can switch forward – he kicked four goals in his last game for St Albans.”

Hodgson said they were hopeful of signing at least another key position type.

He said that would allow more flexibility and provide options on where to play Grant Valles.

“One of the reasons we rate Grant so highly is he can play both ends of the ground,” Hodgson said.

“Sometimes this year, they didn’t have a choice where to play him.

“Hopefully, we’ll have more say on what we can do with him and utilise him a bit better.”

While the Lions have added the Brennan brothers, the focus has been on re-signing their current playing group.

The Lions have lost several players in the past two off seasons.

Leigh Brennan.
Picture Shawn Smits.

Among those the Lions have re-signed are Andrew Duhau, Greg Hay, Lachie Bramble, Allan O’Connor, Corey Hansen, Will Healy and Reece and Nathan Wood.

“We had 41 players play senior football this year and the majority have re-signed,” Hodgson said.

“We may have lost one or two players. Everyone we get in now strengthens the side and we’re confident of getting a couple more players.

“It’s about making sure we are getting the right types.”

As well as looking at a getting another key position player, Hodgson said the Lions were looking at possibly getting another quality midfielder.

It would be a bonus, with young midfielder Mitch Conn committing to the Lions full-time next year.

This year he juggled playing with the Lions and playing with Coburg in the VFL.

“Mitch pulled the pin at Coburg,” Hodgson said.

“He’s a good player and played some really good football for us.”

The Lions will start their pre-season on November 14.

Meanwhile, the Lions have announced that Corey Hansen will coach the under-18.5s side next year. He takes over from Tony Lucas, who took the side to a grand final.

Hodgson said Hansen was the right fit for the playing group.

“Tony did a great job, but he didn’t want to continue,” he said.

“It creates an opportunity for Corey to pick up a great group and it’s a good fit.”