Marcus Barclay is looking forward to the challenge of coaching the Keilor Park women’s side next season.

Having coached men’s sides for a number of years, including two stints as the Devils’ men’s coach, Barclay said this would be a new challenge for him.

“I’ve basically followed Keilor Park my whole life,” he said.

“I’ve taken a keen interest in the women’s program and it’s been amazing what they have been able to achieve.

“The opportunity came up and I was a bit surprised. I’ve always had a passion for women’s footy and I’m excited by the prospect.”

Barclay was quick to praise the efforts of former coach Brent Cooper for the work he had done the last two years in setting up the program.

He said anything they achieve the next couple of years, in part would be because of Cooper.

Having not coached the last couple of years, Barclay said he had itchy feet to get back into it.

He said while he still has a lot to learn about women’s football, he was hoping to pass on some of his knowledge.

He said one thing had had already learnt, was that female players just want to play football

“I’ve watched them play about 10 games and they have a lot of potential and enthusiasm,” he said.

“It’s amazing how much this girls have improved.

“It’s an attractive job and the group want to go at least one step, if not two steps further.

“They love training and the camaraderie side of things. With my experience, if I can pass on 10 per cent of that, I’d be happy.”

Barclay said that as well as having training sessions, they would look to have bonding sessions to try and bring the group even closer together.

Barclay said the club was also keen on developing their female program this season.

The club is keen to get junior girls sides, under-15s and under-18s, up and running to have a pathway into senior football.

“We’re pushing hard to get an under-15 team up and about,” he said.

“It’s something we’re going to work towards in the next three to four months.

Barclay said they would look to start pre-season training next month.