Four Riddell District Football League clubs will have the maximum player points allocation allowed by AFL Victoria next season.

AFL Goldfields announced its player points for next season, making decision to allocate the bottom four sides from this year the maximum number of points, 47.

Rockbank, Lancefield, Broadford and Melton Centrals will all have 47 player points, having had this year’s maximum 48 points during the 2018 season.

Woodend-Hesket, which had 47 player points this year, will have 45 points next year, while Wallan will drop from 44 points to 42 points.

All other teams will have 42 player points, the base amount set by AFL Goldfields for the RDFL.

In the Ballarat Football League, Melton South has had its points allocation increased.

The Panthers will go from 45 points to 47, the highest points possible.

The Panthers are one of two teams with 47 points in the BFL, with the other team Sesbastopol.

The Burras have dropped down to 47 points after being at 50 points this season, having gained AFL Victoria approval for extra points above the state-wide maximum.

Melton, which made it through to the grand final, is the only BFL team to lose points for next season.

The Bloods will drop from 45 player points, down to 43 points the base points for the league.

The Bloods had the lowest average points across the league last season, with just one player from their grand final team worth more than one point.