It wasn’t about the scores, the final margin or who even played well in Sunday’s legends match between Whittlesea and Kinglake.

This match was about so much more, as the two football teams remembered the events of 10 years ago when fire tore through Victoria, including Kinglake, on a day which is remembered as Black Saturday.

Whittlesea’s Adrian Stewart, who helped organise the day, said they wanted to do something to remember what had happened, but didn’t want to make it a celebration.

“They are one of our neighbours,” he said of Kinglake.

“The two communities were brought together in that time. Things still happened in the Whittlesea area and people were affected.

“We really supported Kinglake and our football ground was a hub of activity and a staging area for a number of weeks and months afterwards.

“We just wanted to bring the two clubs and two communities back together.”

Although having played each other a number of times in the clubs’ histories, it was the first time that the two clubs have faced off in a match since 2009.

A minute’s silence was held as part of a pre game service to remember those who died on Black Saturday. Former players of both teams got behind the idea, with plenty of players pulling on the jumpers.

Others who couldn’t play were in attendance to see the match and catch up with old players.

“Kinglake had 12 players from their 1994 premiership side,” Stewart said. “We had a lot of players from more recent premierships in the team.”

Stewart said there had been banter going between the two teams, while teammates were giving it to each other.

For the record, Whittlesea won in a low scoring game.

Picture Shawn Smits.

Photo Gallery: Whittlesea vs Kinglake