Sunbury paramedics are calling on residents to download the GoodSAM app as part of a campaign to encourage the community to step in and help someone suffering a cardiac arrest.

GoodSAM is an app that alerts qualified first-aid personnel when someone nearby is in cardiac arrest. The app is also linked to triple-0.

Local paramedics will also be hosting CPR workshops to equip people with first-aid training.

Ambulance Victoria Sunbury team manager Chris Collard said CPR can double a person’s chance of survival after cardiac arrest.

“Minutes matter in cardiac arrest and the sooner a person receives CPR and the application of a defibrillator, the better their chances of survival,” he said.

“Bystanders are the critical first link in the chain of survival and can help keep patients alive before our highly-trained paramedics arrive.”

Mr Collard said people with first-aid training can help save lives by downloading the GoodSAM app.

“We recently expanded GoodSAM, so that any adult with first-aid training can be alerted to a nearby cardiac arrest,” he said.

CPR displays will be at Sunbury Square Shopping Centre, Evans Street, on Wednesday, October 16 between 10am-1pm. Details: