Three northern suburbs youngsters have been hailed as heroes after their quick-thinking ensured their mums received urgent medical help.

Doreen’s Sharnie Taylor, Craigieburn’s Hayley Martin and Meadow Heights’ Hilal Mohamad were among 27 youngsters to receive junior triple zero hero awards recently.

The trio all made calls to triple zero to request an ambulance for their mums.

Sharnie, 10, made to the call to triple zero in May 2018 after her mum, Laurie Delmore, collapsed.

Ms Delmore is type one diabetic and is unable to tell when her blood sugars become dangerously low.

She has an assistance dog to alert her to the danger, but on the morning of the triple zero call, Ms Delmore had asked Sharnie to keep the dog in a bedroom while she mopped the floor.

“I mopped to my bedroom and that is all I remember,” Ms Delmore said.

“Sharnie saved my life … I was very lucky she was there.”

triple-0 heroes

Craigieburn’s Hayley Martin was also honoured. (Supplied)

Ms Delmore, who has since listened to a recording of Sharnie’s triple zero call, said she was proud of her daughter for remaining calm and following the calltaker’s instructions.

Hayley, 8, received the award after calling triple zero when her mum said there was something wrong with her heart.

The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) operator who took Hayley’s call said she showed maturity while making the call, ensuring her mum got the help she needed.

triple-0 heroes

Meadow Height’s Hilal Mohamad. (Supplied)

Hilal, 11, called triple zero after his mum, Rima had an epileptic fit while pregnant.

The junior triple zero heroes were nominated by ESTA’s triple zero operators.

Police and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville said all of the young heroes had shown bravery beyond their years.

“The bravery and courage these young Victorian show during emergencies, often involving their loved ones, is truly inspirational and I congratulate them on their outstanding efforts,” she said.