Spring is in the air and the garden at St Theresa’s Primary School is in full bloom.

Pupils at the school have transformed a disused patch of land into a flourishing garden.

Family school partnership leader Greg Woolford said the garden project has created a real sense of community.

“We worked together, painted murals, built the garden and put in a chess game. We then developed a gardening club in 2018, which is ongoing,” he said.

“The club is now thriving. It meets weekly, grows produce, sells it to the community then uses that money to buy more goods for the garden.

“They mainly sell produce at the end of the school day. Kids do the gardening on Tuesday, then they pick a whole lot of herbs and vegies, bundle it up, pick a price and approach parents at pick-up.”

Bunnings has also helped with the project, providing fertilizer, seedlings, gardening tools, advice and mentoring.

Mr Woolford said the introduction of a worm farm had been a huge hit.

“It’s been a massive hit and a great way to introduce compost, which connects the school’s bigger theme of sustainability.

“I think the next thing we’ll look to do is … really drive that sustainability message.”