Two teenagers from Wyndham have won big at the Australian Boxing Championships.
Marissa, 17, and Kyliesha, 14, both placed first in their respective categories at the championships last month.
Marissa said Boxing Victoria held two selection events before the Australian Boxing Championships, in March and September, and that state title winners flew to Queensland for the national event.
“Some people had multiple fights and some people only had a straight final throughout the week. I had a straight final which means I only had one fight to win the title,” Marissa said.

Marissa’s fight. Photo by Sportspics photographer Craig Clifford.

“I felt so much incredible energy walking out and hearing my name chanted.
“I’ll never forget Team Victoria roaring when the ref lifted my hand in the air.
“The hardest part about the experience was definitely just overcoming my own personal battles and just getting my head right.”

Kyliesha’s fight. Photo by Sportspics photographer Craig Clifford.

Marissa, who said she trains every day, completed her Year 12 exams after the nationals.
Kyliesha, who trains at the Wyndham Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) , said she won the Under-15 54kg category at the nationals.
“The nationals was an awesome experience and I learnt a lot from it,” she said.
“The nationals didn’t really bring any challenges to me apart from the fact it was my first fight away from my home coach.
“Up next I’m just going to prepare to have a big 2020 and to hopefully win again next year.”