Wyndham’s baby boom is in full swing with maternity staff at Werribee Mercy Hospital delivering on average 330 babies a month.

Latest statistics from the hospital show 3868 births in 2018 – about 100 more than the year before.

Maternity services director Jacqui Van Dam has witnessed the baby boom over the past 10 years at the hospital.

“In 2010, we delivered approximately 2000 babies, now we are hovering around the 3900 mark,” Dr Van Dam said.

“We now have nine birthing suites and 32 post-natal rooms. The very evident characteristic is that these facilities are always full and our staff are constantly busy.”

Dr Van Dam said the Wyndham municipality was affordable for young couples and was close enough to the main city centres for families to access.

“Affordability is a key reason the birth rate in Wyndham and Werribee Mercy Hospital is bucking the trend compared to the rest of Victoria,” she said.

She said her goal was always to engage the best staff to cope with demand for maternity services.

“I want a blend of experienced staff and recent graduates who love their work and understand the importance of empathy,” Dr Van Dam said. “One of our biggest challenges is to maintain our midwifery staff. Often our brightest and best choose to have their own families and, of course, we encourage that.”