South Sudanese residents of Wyndham, especially young people, are receiving assistance with education and employment, thanks to a new community support group.

The state government has funded groups in Wyndham, Melton and Dandenong as pilot programs.

The Wyndham group, which is managed by Wyndham Community and Education Centre, is staffed by people from South Sudanese backgrounds.

Program manager Poly Kiyaga said that since October, the Wyndham group had assisted more than 200 people, including 14 who received help finding employment.

He said the group supported young South Sudanese people, and their families, to engage with schools through activities such as a homework club.

“It’s all about empowerment and working with groups in the community – for example, women’s groups,” he said.

Mr Kiyaga said the Wyndham group was seeking volunteers from all backgrounds and wanted to hear from employers seeking workers.

He said anyone from within the South Sudanese community was also welcome to get in contact, whether they had an idea for a project or were seeking support.

Contact Mr Kiyaga on 0434 178 75 or email for details.