Wyndham council’s civic centre was a sea of white last week when up to 300 of its staff donned white T-shirts to mark White Ribbon Day.

The council called on residents to learn, reflect, educate and challenge a number of issues that contribute to violence against women and girls, and is supporting the Women’s Health West 16 Days Activist Challenge, which began on White Ribbon Day (November 25) and will run until Internatonal Human Rights Day (December 10).

Kim McAliney, the council’s safer communities portfolio holder, said residents should challenge sexism in advertising and other forms of media, talk to men about healthy masculinity and question the advantages men experience because of their gender, such as the gender pay gap.

“Learn to recognise victim blaming, learn about unconscious gender bias, learn about the concepts of gender equality, equity and patriarchy, and learn about sexual consent, gender and power,” Cr McAliney said.

“Use this time to also reflect on the impact of gender stereotypes on children, look for gender bias in movies and on the television, pay attention to women’s voices, and reflect on who does certain chores around the house.

“Gender equity is everybody’s business.”