Students on the verge of starting their careers are gaining a helping hand from Victoria University’s latest workplace initiative.

VU Innovations at Victoria University has recently launched Verge, a campus-based student recruitment agency connecting businesses and students.

VU Verge director Martin Astbury said the service has been able to link students with valuable workplace experience, while also helping local businesses to find skilled and enthusiastic workers.

Mr Astbury said Verge searches job boards to find the opportunities most relevant for students, then collates them all in the one place.

It also makes direct approaches to businesses it feels would have opportunities that match the skills VU students have, or that could offer experiences they could use to improve their longer term job prospects.

“We actually go out to businesses and find roles for the students, it’s a pragmatic and proactive process,” Mr Astbury said.

“Some of the roles are things like graduate accounting positions, but we have also placed students with casual and hospitality roles.”

Verge also provides assistance with resume and interview preparation, navigating the job market and helping students avoid potential pitfalls such as underpayment and exploitation.

Mr Astbury said the next step will be developing more work integrated learning projects, where students work with industry partners on real-world problems as part of their course requirements.

Verge is also looking to connect with more businesses in the west that feel they could use extra support from VU students.

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