Dinjerra Primary School turned into a literary wonderland last week.

Pupils at the school celebrated book week with a dress-up day and assembly.

Assistant principal Catherine Robertson said it was a day of colour, great costumes and excitement.

“Everyone was really excited on the day, there were some great costumes and we announced the winners of a whole school competition.”

Online tech giant Amazon donated the school $500 to purchase books, which Ms Robertson said generated a lot of enthusiasm.

“The kids recently went through their classroom libraries and took out the books that weren’t really engaging them.

“They’ve already written a list of books they want to use the voucher on, what they decide to purchase is totally up to them.”

Each class had to create a display themed around a book shortlisted for book of the year.

The winning class was 4/6C which based its display around

The Feather by Margaret Wild.

“Each class spent about two weeks in the lead-up to the day creating their display,” Ms Robertson said.

“They’d pick a book, read it in class, use it in their learning and create the display.

“While there was only one $500 voucher, the school chipped in $50 vouchers to every other class so everyone won something.”