Women will be armed with skills to protect themselves in a free self-defence course in Melton.

Self-defence master John Gill and other highly qualified instructors will run the series of workshops next week in an effort to empower women. The workshops, which will run at various locations, start on December 1.

Mr Gill, an ambassador for the White Ribbon Foundation for prevention of violence against women, said participants would learn how to avoid attack, verbally defuse potentially dangerous situations and how to handle an aggressor’s drunken or drugged behaviour.

“All techniques are non-contact and easy to learn for beginners of all ages and fitness levels,” he said. “The participants will learn what to use for self-defence … hands, elbows and knees, and feet only for serious situations … where their life is in danger.

“Contact is only done on soft punching bags and mitts held by instructors, so therefore no contact between students.”

The course is open to females ranging from teenagers upwards.

The first workshop will be at Melton Waves on December 1.

Details: admin@selfdefenceaustralia.com.au