Williamstown’s Kerrie Goodall is on a mission to keep alive Australia’s first brand of pumice soap.

Red Star Cleaner was first made in 1908 by two Danish sailors, Peter Peterson and Peter Mogarson.

Both were communists, hence the red star.

Peterson and Mogarson, who realised the need for an industrial-strength hand cleaner, produced Red Star Cleaner from raw materials and sold it from the carriers of their bikes.

Ms Gould’s grandparents bought the brand 80 years ago and she has changed the logo to the seven-pointed Commonwealth star of Australia.

She said the Red Star manufacturing vat her father gave her needed to be recommissioned to keep the iconic Aussie brand alive, so she has launched a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to raise the required $3500 by February 12.

So far, more than $1000 has been pledged.

“The vat broke last year and I’m determined to have it recommissioned and improved so we can offer Red Star Cleaner to the wider market,”

Ms Goodall said. “It’s the best formulation we have in terms of its eco creds and also its efficacy, its performance. It’s fantastic.

“It might be a bit ideological, sentimental even, but I want to keep alive the brand my grandparents purchased.”

The old soap factory is still in Williamstown, after Red Star moved from Fitzroy.

Ms Goodall says anyone who pledges a donation will have their name printed on 2000 Red Star lids.

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