A cheerleading squad from Williamstown North is smashing it on and off the field.

Lifestyle For Kids principal Tracy O’Hare said the 22 girls, aged 14 to 19, performed their first routine to launch the Western Bulldogs’ AFWL mascot, Roxy, at Whitten Oval.

They followed up with performances at two home AFLW games and the Western Bulldogs’ AFL match against Brisbane Lions at Etihad Stadium as part of the Women in Sport Mother’s Day round.

Ms O’Hare said the cheerleaders were dancers who trained about 10 hours a week.

“All the girls are current dancers at LFK so they do jazz or they do hip-hop,” she said.

“We were asked by a colleague who works for the Western Bulldogs to put a cheer routine together.

“Our choreographer is the dance captain for Melbourne Storm, so she had a good understanding of how to put something out on a big stage.

“We use lots of good empowering songs for women.

“I’m really proud of them – they work as a team, they’re really positive.

“We’ve got some really good role models in the older dancers in there who are inspiring for the ones on the younger level … there’s a lot of teamwork required.”

The team is in training for the Cystic Fibrosis Community Care gala ball in July.