Whittlesea residents are being asked to dob in a dealer.

Crime Stoppers Victoria and police launched Whittlesea’s Dob in a Dealer campaign at the Whittlesea Show yesterday in a bid to disrupt the manufacturing and supply of drugs.

The nationwide Dob in a Dealer program, funded by the federal government, is aimed at stopping the supply chain of illicit drugs including methlyamphetamine (ice), cocaine, MDMA, heroin and cannabis.

Whittlesea Inspector Andrew Falconer said it was important the community did its part to help fight importing, manufacture and supply of illicit drugs.

Crime Statistics Agency data reveals that in the 12 months to June, there were eight drug dealing and trafficking offences recorded in Whittlesea and four drug cultivation and manufacturing offences.

“Through Dob in a Dealer, we’re not asking you to tell on your friends,” Inspector Falconer said.

“We are focusing on those people who are profiting off the addiction and suffering that illicit drug use brings. To do this we’re asking you to support your friends, family and colleagues by submitting your anonymous reports through Crime Stoppers.

“You don’t have to have the complete story. Your small piece of information could be the missing piece of the puzzle.”

Crime Stoppers Victoria chief executive Erika Owens said drug-related criminal activity cost millions of dollars in healthcare, law enforcement and lives.

“Together, we can make our community a safer place to work and live,” she said.

“We know that information from the community helps to solve crime, we see it every day at Crime Stoppers, so please get behind this campaign and report what you know.”

To Dob in a Dealer, contact 1800 333 000 or visit crimestoppers.com.au