An authentic indigenous story highlighting the special relationship between a father and his daughter will show at St Albans’ Bowery Theatre next month.

Which Way Home tells the story of Tash, an indigenous girl who embarks on a road trip with her father, to their country.

Following the show, Aboriginal artist Lisa Maza will host an “in conversation”. She said the evening offers a unique opportunity for the local community.

“For anyone who is interested in Aboriginal culture, I’d encourage you to come down, talk with us and share the story,” she said.

“This is such a positive, lovely story about a girl and her dad.

“It’s written by an indigenous woman from her perspective, which makes it incredibly authentic.”

Maza said the authenticity makes this show a special one.

“This show normalises Aboriginal life,” she said. “In many performances it’s made out to be different, but we live in houses in the city and do everything everyone does.

“This beautiful story highlights a relationship that most people can relate to.”

Maza added that the evening will provide an exciting opportunity to use the St Albans Community Centre.

“We’ve had this space built about a year ago and I’m finding that not a lot of people are using it, or even knowing they can,” she said.

“So this offers an opportunity for people to not only see a show and learn about our culture, but to also come and check out the space.

Which Way Home will show on Friday, June 1. Details: