By Joanna Catalano

Local resident Nick Delios recognised the mounts as he was driving past the site.

“Once you start digging, you find things,” said Mr Delios, who remembers playing on the mounts as a child.

Mr Delios, 62, said the last time he saw the mounts before their recent re-discovery was when he was 14 years old.

He has strong memories of riding his bike around the site’s concrete.

He said his father told him the cannons were established in 1941 and decommissioned in 1945, once the war was over, and the ammunition removed.

Mr Delios also described how his late grandfather saw the area develop during and after the war.

“During the war there was a unit of soldiers that would sleep in tents in the farm to man the cannons,” he said.

The carpark work remains on hold as Wyndham council considers the future of the site.

Mr Delios said he hoped the site would be maintained.

“History is something you want to keep,” he said.

“Something with historical significance needs to be preserved.”