An Altona Meadows woman is urging pet owners to be aware of snakes after her boarder’s dog was bitten by a tiger snake last week.

Last Thursday, Rocky was back home four days after being rushed to intensive care at U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital.

Irene Rogers took to social media to alert pet owners that snakes were on the move.

“I live a block from Skeleton Creek in Altona Meadows,” she posted.

“Today, my boarder’s dog Rocky was bitten by a metre-plus tiger snake in my backyard. I’m in Waratah Drive. This is not the first snake that I’ve had in my backyard.

“Thanks to Stewy the Snake Catcher who was able catch the snake.

“Please all be vigilant in this area as there are many children and animals that are vulnerable.”

Stewart Gatt, aka Stewy the Snake Catcher, said when he arrived at the property the snake was going back and forth into a neighbouring yard before being caught for relocation.

“Just be wary,” he said.

“The snakes will come into our properties looking for water, especially on those really warm days.

“If you do hear your dog barking, go out and check out what it’s barking at. Dogs don’t bark for no reason.”

For more information about what to do in the event of a snake bite, visit