Brimbank’s free snake catcher service is in demand, receiving several calls a day to remove snakes from private properties or public spaces.

With the summer heat still to kick in, one resident in Deer Park said he has seen “at least 14 brown snakes” near the walking track at Isabella Williams Memorial Reserve in Deer Park.

Brimbank’s snake catcher service was re-introduced in October 2017 following a two-year hiatus.

Council’s acting director of city development Matt Aquilina said residents should know what steps to take if they encounter a slithery companion.

“Council provides a no charge professional snake catching service seven days a week and after hours to remove snakes from residential properties in Brimbank,” Mr Aquilina said.

“If you find a snake at home, do not touch or attempt to remove the snake yourself.

“Watch it from a safe distance, remove any people or pets from the area, and call council on 9249 4000 to arrange for our professional snake catcher to come and remove it.

“If you see a snake on council land, for example at your local park, call council on 9249 4000.”

The most common snakes in the Brimbank area are brown, tiger and red bellied black snakes.

Residents are urged to keep their properties tidy and the grass short in order to minimise the chances of snakes.