One of Australia’s most diverse universities has used the World Day for Cultural Diversity (May 21) to launch its own cultural diversity strategy.

The new strategy at Victoria University will be the basis for opening up more education pathways for students and refugees from non-English-speaking-backgrounds, as well as building “multiple perspectives and practices” into courses and assessments.

More work will be done to connect international students to their studies, build bridges with community organisations and get involved with a wider range of community events.

Staff and students will also have greater access to intercultural training and mentoring.

Victoria University cultural diversity manager Dr Teresa De Fazio said VU’s diversity is one of its great strengths.

“Our students will have a competitive edge in the workplace, since employers highly value graduates who can navigate challenges and opportunities from a range of cultural viewpoints and learn to critically view their own perspectives,” she said.

International community development graduate Sophia Van den Ham said the diversity of VU’s students was the reason she chose the university.

“Getting insights of students from around the world was extremely valuable, academically and personally” she said.

“Many ex-classmates are now good contacts and friends I expect to keep into the future.”