Renay Ahmed and Danyel Cucinotta are giving customers a new insight into egg production.
The sisters are third-generation farmers at LT’s Egg Farm in Werribee South, which was founded by their grandparents John and Julie Ahmed in 1969.
The farm started as a small free-range operation with around 500 hens and is now home to 18,000 birds.

Renay and Danyel’s father Brian Ahmed in 1979. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

To celebrate the business’ 50th birthday, the family will host a special event at its Wyndham Cache café and deli later this month, which will include the launch of a virtual reality tour of the farm.
Visitors will be able to don virtual reality headsets to watch a video showcasing the farm’s shed and production processes.
The sisters said they could not break bio-security laws by taking customers into their sheds to see chickens, so the virtual reality tour was the next best thing.

An aerial shot of the farm from the 1970s. Photo: Supplied

“We’re not here to change people’s opinions, we are here to show our community – who are already purchasing our eggs – what we do here,” Mrs Cucinotta said.
The launch day will be held Saturday, November 30 from 9-11am and 1-3pm. Wyndham Cache is located at 243 K Road, Werribee South.