Victoria University students have taken a historical step by becoming the first in Victoria to study at State Parliament.

Law and Justice students this month spent two days meeting with officials, enjoying unprecedented access to Parliament’s hallowed halls.

The exercise was a chance to visit the coalface to discover how laws are passed through both Houses, and explore the role of parliamentary committees.

First Year Model Lecturer Kathleen Raponi said the new collaboration between Victoria University and Victoria’s State  Parliament is an innovative approach for students beginning their first year of studies.

“This is much more than a tour of  Parliament – this is a remarkable opportunity for Law and Justice students to get a behind-the-scenes look at complex legal processes and how our State is managed,” she said.

“Now these students have exclusive access to officials and key Parliamentary people who can help bring the Law and Justice curriculum alive.”

Clerk of the Legislative Council Andrew Young said Parliament was really pleased with the partnership.

“The students gained an understanding of Cabinet processes, bills in the Parliament and parliamentary committee inquiries direct from people involved in those processes.”