A popular Melton food truck operator has taken its business elsewhere after being targeted by vandals.

Greek food fans expressed their disappointment that Pappas Urban Mix Grill has been forced to relocate, from High Street where it has been operating since the beginning of the year, because vandals keep tampering with gas fixtures on the truck.

Owners Selda and Michael Papadatos, well known through their Unitt Street flagship fish and chip shop, announced last Friday the family-run food truck venture would be moving to a more secure site in Maidstone after being hit three times in the past three weeks.

Mr Papadatos told

Star Weekly the couple were as disappointed as their customers to be moving.

“I always check the gas the day before I trade and I knew that there was enough to get me through the day … but I ran out of gas early and had to close up,” he said.

“When it happened again the next week, I drove it all the way out to Campbellfield to have it serviced and was told that the fixtures were being tampered with. “It’s dangerous for whoever is doing it and dangerous for us as well.”

Ms Papadatos thanked regular customers for their support.

“Michael and myself would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for those that have supported us over the last couple of months,” she wrote on the business’ Facebook page.

“The manufacturer conducting a thorough inspection of the trailer has concluded that some … person thinks it’s OK to tamper and vandalise the trailer. Because the incidents are repeatedly happening, we have decided to relocate the trailer to a secure site.”