A Hoppers Crossing resident has captured images of a mysterious, UFO-like object as it hovered above her backyard on Wednesday night.

Liala, who lives in Breton Drive, said she first saw the flying craft while putting her bin out around 6.30 to 7pm.

“I went out the back and it was right above my house, I said to myself, ‘That doesn’t look normal,” Liala said.

Liala said the flying object had three bright lights and appeared triangular in shape, and looked nothing like an aeroplane or helicopter.

“If I moved right, it went right. If I moved left, it went left,” she said.

“So I just stood there and looked at it.”

Liala said she that the airborne vessel hovered over her property for about 40 seconds, and she used her mobile phone to snap some images of it during this time.

Did you see the mystery flying object last night?

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