Melton’s up-and-coming young musicians are being called on to showcase their talents at a new monthly open mic event.

Running on the first Tuesday of each month at the Melton Amphitheatre, the event is open to performers aged 12 to 25.

Melton council recreation and youth manager Troy Scoble said the initiative, launched in March, was proving very popular with young performers in the region.

“It gives young people an opportunity to showcase the skills they’ve learnt,”
Mr Scoble said. “Young people enjoy the freedom to create, collaborate and play music in a safe and social space.

“We’re thrilled to give these talented emerging artists the chance to take their music to the stage.”

Many of the performers take part in the council’s weekly Back to Basics program, at which young artists hone their skills.

Mr Scoble said he hoped the event would continue to grow.

“As the word gets out, we expect interest from both young people and the local community to grow,” he said.

“The aim of this program is to help young people learn new skills, gain confidence and make new friendships.”