A Melton truck driver had to think on his feet last week, when a fire started in the back of his truck while collecting rubbish.
The incident occurred in Brookfield on January 2, when the driver noticed that his truck had caught fire while making collections of household recycling.
He found a nearby park to dump the load, before a fire crew attended to extinguish the blaze. The waste was cleared later that day.
While the driver was unharmed, the truck sustained some damage.
The recycling load had to be sent to landfill because of contamination from the fire.

Fire investigators believe the blaze was started by a mobile phone which was incorrectly discarded in the waste.
Council acting operations manager Rishi Viner said it was important that all households remain careful about discarding e-waste correctly.
“E-waste, or electronic waste, does pose a fire risk which is one of the reasons why it is banned from landfill and all kerbside bins,” Mr Viner said.
“It’s important to note that e-waste can and should be recycled at council’s free drop-off point at the Melton Recycling Facility.
“We urge residents to be mindful of how they dispose of all waste. By putting only accepted items in the recycling bin, you will help avoid contaminating the load and ensure more waste is diverted from landfill.
“Council’s recycling service is much more effective when residents ensure that only the right things go into the appropriate bins.”
It is the second time in less than two years that a council recycling truck has caught fire, with a similar incident occurring in Caroline Springs in February, 2018.