Wyndham boy Tristan has raised more than $1800 for people suffering from lung cancer.

The 10-year-old hosted a World’s Greatest Shave event last month, where his long hair was cut off in exchange for donations.

Overall, Tristan raised $1804.26 at the event, which he has donated to the Lung Foundation Australia.

He also donated his cut-off tresses, which measured 38 centimetres, to Sustainable Salons, which makes wigs for people with illnesses such as cancer and alopecia.

Tristan said he decided to grow his hair, in order to shave it off, when he was eight.

Photo by Damjan Janevski.

He said his decision was inspired by his maternal great-grandmother, who died from lung cancer about two years ago, and two young family friends who also died of cancer.

Tristan’s Greatest Shave was held at Tobin Brothers in Werribee, which sponsored him.

For the event, Tristan also organised an auction, sausage sizzle, a ‘guess how many lollies are in the jar’ competition, tea and coffee and the chance for guests to pay to cut off his plaits.

Tristan said he was “a bit shocked” by the success of his fundraiser. He had hoped to raise $1000.

“I was like, ‘Wow,’ I was actually very amazed and very happy that I raised nearly $2000,” he said.

See https://lungfoundation.grassrootz.com/funds-for-lungs/tristan-s-greatest-shave-1 to make a donation.