Vandals have been poisoning trees on nature strips and other public land in Hobsons Bay, costing ratepayers thousands of dollars.

In the latest case, a Queensland brush box tree in Civic Parade has had holes bored into its base and poison poured into the trunk.

It is illegal to “destroy, cut, trim, prune or otherwise interfere with a street tree” without authorisation.

Mayor Jonathon Marsden said the council was investigating the Civic Parade incident.

“This act of vandalism is disappointing especially when council works hard to beautify and enhance the city for residents and visitors to enjoy,” he said.

“Replacing vandalised and stolen plants and trees costs council around $10,000 every year. This particular tree is highly valuable and significantly contributes to Altona’s streetscape.

“If there is a willing witness, council will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the offender.”

On-the-spot fines of $400 and court penalties of $2000 may apply.

Incidents may be reported to the council using the smart phone application, Snap Send Solve, or by calling 99321000.


Its removal, due to unnecessary vandalism, will have a large impact to the local area.


Goya Dmytryshchak