Wyndham councillors have claimed more than $53,814 in expenses across a six-month period.

The figure included more than $39,975 for travel expenses from January 1 to June 30, including Cabcharges, parking, public transport, airfares and accommodation.

Overall, the municipality’s 11 councillors also claimed more than $4232 for training and conferences; more than $2340 for memberships to organisations; more than $883 for events and functions; and more than $738 for car mileage.

The councillors with the highest expenses were Cr Kim McAliney on $15,728.44 and Cr Josh Gilligan on $15,700.25, followed by Cr Henry Barlow, $6561.96 and Cr Mia Shaw, $4883.32.

Those to claim the least amount were Cr Aaron An and Cr Tony Hooper, who each claimed $359.94, and Cr Heather Marcus, who claimed $389.88.

During the first six months of this year, Cr McAliney and Cr Gilligan participated in the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s study tour of the US.

Cr Barlow and Cr Shaw visited Changzhou in China to attend a sister city official signing ceremony and associated formal activities.

Cr Barlow attended the member meeting of the National Growth Areas Alliance in Canberra. The alliance advocates for the federal government to have a stronger focus on the needs of Australia’s fast-growing outer suburbs.