Congestion around Alfred Road will last for another week as drainage works continue.

Traffic has been an issue in the streets surrounding the main road, which connects the Princes Highway to Browns Road, since its closure earlier this year.

Alfred Road was scheduled to reopen at the end of last month but that deadline has blown out to May 22.

Wyndham Vale resident Adrian Pilat told

Star Weekly the works have added an extra 15 minutes to his regular 30-minute commute home from Altona.

“I take Alfred Road just to avoid the Synnot Street traffic,” Mr Pilat said.

“The lights and traffic along Synnot Street add about 15 minutes to my trip home trying to get to Ballan Road.

“It just seems like it backs up traffic any way you go.”

Westleigh Gardens residents complained in February about queues of up to more than a kilometre during the peak hours because of short phasing lights at the Geelong Road and Werribee Street intersection.

Wyndham councillor Peter Maynard said the delay was due to “complexities around the coordination of subcontractors in the Easter period”.

“The contractors have been notified that this is the final extension of time granted for this project,” he said.