Point Cook wildlife rescuers are mustering up towels to include in triage kits for animals injured in the bushfires that swept the state.
The triage kits, which will be used and distributed by Zoos Victoria, will include regular-sized bath towels, face washers and hand towels.
Wildlife volunteer Marcus Stadener, who is coordinating the towel drive, last week put the call out for help on the Point Cook Wildlife Care Facebook page.
“These items can be second hand but should not be too worn, no holes and no frayed edges – think of the sort of items you’d like to be snuggled into if you were burnt or singed,” Mr Stadener said.
“They’d need to be soft and fluffy.
“[Zoos Victoria] has about four or five 80 litre tubs from Bunnings to fill so…we need around 200 bath towels, not bath sheets.”
Mr Stadener is also collecting at least 100 face washers and 100 hand towels.
A drop off point will be at Best Friends in Dunnings Rod, Point Cook or donations can be picked up by messaging the Point Cook Wildlife Care Facebook page or calling 0427 833 955.