Residents are being urged to be on the lookout for snakes as warmer weather draws them out.

There were five reported snake bites across Victoria last week, including a toddler who was bitten while in the yard of his Sunbury house.

The two year-old was treated at the scene by paramedics and later taken to hospital.

He was admitted to hospital for observation and released last Wednesday.

Snake catcher Jarrod Bingham warned residents to take extra precautions around snakes.

“If you respect a snake, it will respect you,” he said.

“Snakes need to be provoked [to attack].”

Mr Bingham said that as the summer months approach, snakes will be looking to cool down.

“Snakes love cool shady areas. If a snake is left in the sun for 20 minutes it will die,” he said.

He advised people to keep the doors to their houses closed and to clear up their outdoor areas.

“Snake proof your yard, mow the lawn, trim the bushes so they are nice and cut,” Mr Bingham said.

“Clean up rubbish. Snakes love a place to hide.

“Snakes will be wanting water so put pet water bottles inside.”