Road safety will be front of mind for Thomastown Football Club players and supporters this weekend, with the club dedicating Saturday’s match to the TAC’s Journey Towards Zero campaign.

Thomastown’s Northern Football League match with Epping will shine a light on road safety issues, with the TAC to host a marquee at the ground.

Road safety information will be distributed to supporters and breath testing stations will also be set up.

Thomastown club treasurer Alex Vinar said the club wanted to take a stand and encourage drivers to make safer decisions on the road.

He said everyone at the club was committed to taking the lead in the community to help prevent the road toll from climbing.

The state’s road toll is 128 – up 54 per cent from the same time last year.

“We want to use this day as a way to start a conversation in our area and keep our fantastic community safe,” Mr Vinar said.

“We as a club are determined to a make a difference. The fact we aren’t even half way through the football season and there are 128 people who didn’t make it home already is a tragedy and can’t simply be glossed over as just another statistic.

“That is 128 mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, teammates, coaches, who should still be here but sadly aren’t.”

Thomastown takes on Epping at Main Street Recreation Reserve, Thomastown at 2.10pm on Saturday.