Thomastown Football Club is on a mission to tackle anxiety and depression.

The club has decided to forgo a major sponsor this year in favour of supporting beyondblue.

Throughout the coming season, senior and reserve teams will wear jumpers featuring the beyondblue logo on the back.

Football manager Rob Mazniovski said it was an easy decision for the club, given that anxiety and depression touches the lives of so many people.

He said beyondblue’s work aims to help more people understand anxiety and depression, and to empower people to seek help.

“We want to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health problems,” he said.

“We want to educate young blokes that there are ways to get help.

“If we can help one person get their life back on track, we will have accomplished something,” Mr Mazniovski said.

As part of its support for beyondblue, the club has launched the Blue Bear campaign, and is asking for supporters to donate both to the club and beyondblue.

“It’s no secret that we still need funds to run a successful football club,” Mr Mazniovski said.

“We are asking for supporters to donate what they can to help, and we will give 10 per cent back to beyondblue,” he said.

To donate, or to find out more, email