A Taylors Lakes calisthenics star is making the most of a rare opportunity.

Olivia D’Agruma was part of the first calisthenics theatre show Amazing Grace which ran over the weekend.

The 17-year-old said it was an experience she loved. “It’s an extreme privilege to be perform alongside musical theatre performers … never get to do that in calisthenics,” she said.

“It’s been one of best parts of show.” It was the second instalment of the production, which debuted in 2018.

It boasted a cast of over 40 of Australia’s elite calisthenics and musical theatre performers, and new arrangements of more than 20 songs from old to new Broadway.

Ms D’Agruma, who also featured in the production’s first run, performed multiple roles in the show.

“The second instalment of the show takes things up a massive notch … it’s a much larger class and it’s much bigger in terms of who we have,” she said.

“The items are much more theatrical and entertaining too.”

Ms D’Agruma began calisthenics at just three years of age and says she still has lofty goals.

“Performing in this production and winning nationals twice have probably been the highlights of my career,” she said.

“There’s the most graceful girl title, which is probably the most prestigious title in the sport … it would be really exciting to be able to compete in that competition.”